Currently: June

Before I get started with my Currently for the month of June I wanted to spread that word about this fundraiser Farley put together to help out the sweet town of Wimberly that has been forever changed by the crazy floods that have swept through Texas over the past few weeks. She is aiming to raise $500 for the foundation Wimberly Adoption Group and Rescue (WAG)  that will house the lost pets until they can be reunited with their owners. Click {here} to read more about this organization and how you can help. 

I am so excited to be linking up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade once again for this fantastic linky party. 

We are building a patio in the backyard and the weather is finally allowing that to actually happen. It has been delayed for a month because of our rainy weather. The guys laid the concrete today and are hammering away to get the texture on the concrete.

My husband started his MBA program at Texas Christian University while we were pregnant with Molly and he officially finished his last class this week. We have not done this parenting gig without him being in school so I cannot wait to find a new normal for us. My honey-to-do list is crazy long so I have no doubt that he will be incredibly excited to be finished with school. Ha! I do feel like he should get a special medal when he walks this December for completing his MBA, working full time, and having two kids all within a 2 ½ year time frame. He is kind of a stud and his girls appreciate him greatly.


My to-do list is growing exponentially and I am sitting here filling out my Currently. I missed last month because of craziness and I refused to miss this great linky party again. It is so much fun seeing what all my sweet blogger buddies are up to. As soon as I am done I will get back to work. I will then have to figure out how to just do ONLY those things on my to-do list. I keep getting side tracked and adding things to my list.  

I could really do with a large glass of wine..or bottle. I really debated putting this one on needing, but I thought that might read a little desperate so it is under wanting.  I started my second round of Whole 30 last Monday so I still have a while before I can partake in such festivities. I felt SO good after doing my first round in April that I wanted to do it again before Vegas. The hubby and I are going away for the weekend at the end of June and it was very important that I be able to eat and drink whatever I please for that so it was a quick turnaround. I pretty much enjoyed wine and beer for three days and then hopped back on the Whole 30 train. I feel amazing and love it, BUT I miss my wine. I swear I am a much better mom (and person in general) when I have it. I need Jesus and wine, apparently.

Vegas cannot get here soon enough.  I cannot wait to meet all these amazing bloggers and TpTers, have some girl time, and network away. As much as I LOVE being a work at home mom, it will be so nice to wear a different hat for a few days. 

I am beyond excited to spend a good chunk of our summer days in PJs at home. I love lazy days at the house. There is not a lot of other things that can beat that. The hubby and I are heading out for a long weekend just the two of us in a couple of weeks. It will be my first time away from Charlotte for more than a few hours, but it is important to escape from time to time. We plan to eat, drink, sleep, and do a whole lot of nothing. It will be fabulous. I am also looking forward to Vegas this summer for the TpT conference. It will be here before we know it!


  1. Your glue bottle pin button is amazing!!

  2. Looking forward to meeting you in Vegas Jennifer!! Good for you for doing the whole 30 not once, but twice! I have no willpower to do it. :) Enjoy your Summer!
    Tickled Pink in Primary

  3. I love your blog design! I think that if I ever truly reach the end of my to-do list the world may end:)
    Have a fabulous summer!

  4. thanks so much for donating and for a wonderful intro about my fundraiser!!!
    I am super excited about Vegas too… I just have to get over my fear of flying!!! AHHHHH

  5. I hear you on the long to do list! I keep getting distracted by 'other' things (er, my children!). I'll get to it eventually I guess. I'll be living through all of your posts about Vegas this summer. Hoping to make it out there next year!
    Always Kindergarten

  6. Isn't that the thing about to-do lists? Other things keep popping up that need doing or are more interesting to do other than what's on the list! Story of my life! Exciting about the patio. Outdoor living spaces are so nice. Our neighbors have a living room on their covered patio with a tv! If we get Arizona I might start dreaming along the same lines. He he! Looking forward to meeting you in Vegas!
    Joya :)

  7. Looking forward to meeting you at the full-time seller meet-up this July. The conference should be amazing, and it will be nice to meet others who are doing this full time too!

  8. I am sure you will enjoy your new patio once it is complete. It will be a great place to relax! I love LAZY summer days at home. With my 2 year old, we don't get to sleep too late anymore, but we love just playing at home all day. It is so much fun to just play whatever she thinks up! Have a wonderful summer!
    KinderKids Fun

  9. I'm so excited for Vegas too! I can't believe it's just two weeks away now...where has the summer gone? I hope we get to meet up at some point during our stay! :)