Mother's Day Flower Gift

Mother's Day is almost a month away. With the way that the school year is flying by it will be here before we know it. I personally love this gift because it allows students to personalize everything for their very own mother. 

Students will start by coloring the flowers. When students cut this particular page out, make sure that they cut all the way to the circle so that they will be able to read the words underneath. 

Next they can start writing words that describe their mother on the glue flower page. 

Students can then glue the 'mom flower' onto the 'glue here' flower.

Lastly, students will write and draw why they love their mom on the flower pot. Then they can finish coloring the flower pot and cut it out. 

After gluing the flower to the stem, you can glue a pipe cleaner on the back for extra stability. I also taped it to make sure that it stayed attached. This will help the adorable flower make it home safely in one piece just in time for Mother's Day. 

You can purchase this Mother's Day Flower Craft at my TPT store. Enjoy!


  1. Many individuals send flowers, however sending blossoms is a superior approach to express your emotions and demonstrate your companions and relatives that you are pondering them.