Five for Friday

 Here we are again for another Five for Friday hosted by the fabulous Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching. I have said this before, but I LOVE this linky. I have been beyond horrible about finding the time to blog lately, so I can always count on this to be how I get at least one post in. I have several planned for this coming week and will try to get better beyond that too!

 This week I have been busy working on writing up a product review for the Stop, Swap, and Roll Product Swap hosted by Melissa Johnson at Jungle Learners. She is amazing for all of the work that she has put into this and I am so excited for it to kick off THIS SATURDAY! I have been teamed up with K’s Classroom Kreations. We each got to choose a product from each other’s store and will be sharing it with you. We will also have a giveaway for that product. She chose “My Science Journal and Notebook’. It will be 20% off the entire time the giveaway is running. Again, check back on my blog and K’s Classroom Creation’s blog first thing Saturday morning to see both products in detail and for a chance to win each one.

Are you a teacher turned SAHM that has a TpT store? Are you a consultant or tutor that does TpT full-time? Would you like to be either of these at some point in the near future? Join me and Mrs. Jones Creation Station for lunch at the Grand Luxe Café at the Venetian to meet some awesome TpT Authors! Click {here} to RSVP. 

Along the same lines, we started a Facebook group. It will be a place for WAHM on TpT to be able to network and connect. Our vision is that this will be a place of encouragement, advice, and support as we learn to juggle staying at home and TpT’ing. Click {here} to join. 

I am kind of embarrassed about this one, but if I did not know, I am sure someone else out there did not know either so I am going to share. I always used Primo PDF or Cute PDF to 'secure' my documents. I honestly thought since they were saved in PDF format, they would be fine, BUT that is unfortunately not the case. People can easily extract your hard work. After talking with several people, I ended up going with Adobe Pro. Most of the people I spoke to have Adobe Pro IX, however, there is a newer version called Adobe Pro DC. If you are a teacher or student you can get it for a SUPER discounted price. {Here} is where I ended up buying it from. I have been busy the last few days or so re-saving every product with a password to protect all of my hard work. 

 Have you seen this picture before? This is me to a ‘T’ and this is why I never get anything crossed off my list. I have a ridiculously long list of things I NEED to do, but in the process of checking off those things, I think of other really cool ideas and get side tracked. Maybe one day I will have my to-do list somewhat tackled. It is a good thing I LOVE doing all of this. :)

One of my best friends had her baby shower on Saturday. I was lucky enough to host this with her sister. It was so much fun to love on Melissa and celebrate the upcoming arrival of baby Luke. Here are some of the pictures from the event. 

I hope you enjoyed what has been going on during my week. Don't forget to message me your TpT FREEBIE URL to my Facebook so I can add your product to my page for my daily FREEBIE at 4:00 PM. Click {here} to go back to Kelsey's post and see what all the other amazing teachers are up to. 


  1. Loved reading your post. I just requested to be a part of your WAHM Facebook group! I wish I could attend your Vegas meet up, but my second baby is due June 5th. I think it would be too hard for me and my other LO (and my hubby LOL) to get on over to Vegas so soon after baby #2 is born. Next year FOR SURE! Glad to be your newest follower! I have been following you on Instagram too! Super cute stuff. Have a great weekend!

    Marine :) Tales from a Very Busy Teacher

    1. Congrats on your upcoming arrival! That is so exciting. Yes, you will definitely have to go next year. I will let you know how it is. I look forward to getting to know you in the WAHM Facebook group until then. :)

  2. What a fun week! Sorry you have to go back and re secure all your stuff! At least you figured it out before anything bad happened!
    Enjoy your weekend :)


    1. I am glad too! I cannot believe that it took me this long to figure that out. lol Better late than never, right?! I hope you have a great weekend too.

  3. I'm so excited about the Product Swap! I did one back in January and it is such a neat thing to do and a great idea! Love getting to see what other bloggers create and use their products in my classroom!! The baby shower looks like it was a lot of fun! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. Hi Jennifer, thanks for sharing that info about Adobe. I will have to check into that. The baby shower you hosted looked precious! How fun. Have a great weekend. :)