Dollar Tree & Dollar Spot Easter Finds

I ran into Dollar Tree a few days ago to get TWO things for Molly's Easter party and came out with TWO bags. Last week I did the same thing at Target. Dollar Tree and the Dollar Spot at Target can have some amazing things for kids - especially around the holidays. I wanted to share some of these awesome finds.

Non-Candy Easter Egg Fillers

I did not want to use candy to fill Easter eggs for Molly so I tried to find random toys that would fit inside eggs instead. I am quite certain that she will LOVE each one of these. 

I got the Spritz LED Spiky Balls from Target. They come in packs of two and can be found in the party aisle. Molly already has a couple of these and plays with them all the time. Her world will be rocked when she sees what they do inside the egg. The balls will not fit in the small eggs, so you need to get the large ones. It is still a tight fit in the large ones, but it works. When you hit the egg on the ground it glows and it is so much fun. Your kids or students will love them!

I also got egg-shaped chalk to also put inside the large eggs. Molly loves playing with chalk outside when we are waiting for her Daddy to get home so I am pretty sure that she will enjoy playing with these for a change!

These cute carrot shaped eggs were too cute to pass up and they were only a dollar for a three pack so I would be crazy not to get them, right? I just filled these with random stickers I had around the house. 

Bunny Tracks

The possibilities are endless with these 'Bunny Tracks' from the Dollar Tree. I wrote the letters of the alphabet and numbers one through ten on each of them and taped them on the floor and wall around our house. Molly will just jump around from one track to another. She loves them! If your kids are older you can write sight words on the bunny prints or a math problem and have them come up with the answer while they hop from each one. 

Easter Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are great. They encourage kids to explore and it can keep them busy for an extended amount of time. Molly is still obsessed with her 'Rainbow of Beans' sensory bin from St. Patrick's Day so we still have that one out, but I wanted to introduce an Easter one to her as well. Like I did with the St. Patrick's Day sensory bin, I went to Target Dollar Spot and Dollar Tree to get all of the goodies that go inside. I also threw in some Easter grass and dyed pasta. 

Like with the St. Patrick's Day and Rainbow of Beans sensory bin, I made a label for this one. You can print the label for the sensory bin here. I make labels for everything. I think that it is easier for storing to have a cute label to help keep you organized. It will just mean that next Easter I can go up to my craft/storage closet and grab my Easter sensory bin. It takes some effort the first year, but it is smooth sailing after that!

Musical Egg Maracas

Last year I filled Easter eggs with different objects (rice, coins, beans,etc) and Molly LOVED them, but I never thought to tape spoons around them and make maracas until I saw this! Amazing! I got the eggs and spoons at Dollar Tree and just grabbed random things I had in the craft room for what goes inside the egg. 

What you need:
1) plastic Easter eggs 2) rice, beans, coins, popcorn kernels, etc. 3) spoons (2 per egg) 4) duct tape

1) Fill the eggs with rice, beans, coins, popcorn kernels, etc. 
2) Tape plastic spoons to the side of the closed egg. {When taping I found it easiest to hold the spoon like this and tape around the top of the spoons}
3) Tape the bottom of the spoons together.
5) Shake your little heart out!

Molly loves music so this was right down her alley. As she was playing with them we talked about how each one sounded different than the other one and it was like that because I put different things in each egg. Another great thing about this is that it can go in her toy bin downstairs and she can play with them whenever she would like, unsupervised. 

Hoppy Shopping, 

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