Ice, Target, Fresh Air…and a TPT sale tomorrow!

It has been cold here in Texas lately. I understand that it is still winter, but we have been wildly spoiled with beautiful, warm weather the past several months. Now that winter has decided to come back, it makes it a little hard to fully accept. Snow is one thing, but just ice is another. The forecasters are saying we might get some snow in the morning. That would be SO nice. I can handle snow. Molly is at the perfect age where she would love to play in the snow. 

With the cold and icy weather, the girls and I have not been outside of the house since Saturday and I was going a bit stir crazy by the end of the day today. I need some fresh air…and more wine. I ran out of my favorite utility wine, Red Diamond, last night. Once the girls were asleep, I snuck out to get some fresh air and have a few minutes without any sort of responsibility. Where did I go, you ask? I went where every mom goes when they have an hour to themselves, TARGET (cue the angels singing from heaven). I love Target. Pretty much everything about it makes me happy, especially when I go without kids. I can be as slow and take as long as I would like and finish a hot tea before it goes cold. It was amazing(!) and so very much needed. I grabbed a few odds and ends from the Dollar Spot (watch for that in an upcoming post) and just slowly walked around looking at stuff. Target is good for the soul. I ended my “me time” at Albertsons to get my wine and then the movie theater to get some popcorn for my nice late night snack as I sit here and write to you.

Tomorrow, February 26th is the Teachers are Heroes sale on Teachers Pay Teachers. My store, A Dab of Glue Will Do, will have EVERYTHING up to 28% off! Yes, you heard my right. 28% off. That is pretty awesome, if you ask me. My shopping cart is full up on cute clipart ready to purchase tomorrow during nap time. What are you planning on buying?

Happy Shopping!!!

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