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So I might have a slight  MAJOR obsession with cute clipart and font. This Teachers are Heroes Sale at TPT completely did me in. Without a doubt I spent way more than I made. Whoops. {It was such a good deal! I would be absolutely crazy to pass this up. Oh, I really NEED that. I could really make some cute things with that!} My husband just shakes his head...

It reminds me of this time when my husband and I were dating and living in Florida. One of my favorite stores was Loehmanns. You could get really high end stuff for cheap cheaper, but still a tad ridiculous. I found two Gucci sunglasses I could not live without. I sent pictures to my husband to see which ones he liked. He said he did not mind; either one would work. I took that as I should buy both because I should not pass up such a good deal. He was unimpressed. I guess I carried that same philosophy into the last two days for this sale. At least my clipart and font will, God willing, help me bring in some residual. My two pairs of Gucci did not. 

Anyhow, I digress.

I wanted to share some of my favorite clipart and fonts at the moment. There is so much available for purchase. I honestly find it somewhat very overwhelming. I feel like I have only reached the tip of the iceberg in discovering good cliparts and fonts, but the ones I do use and have, I LOVE. 


Font is easy. Kimberly Geswein is an absolute genius. You honestly do not need to look any further for fonts. Just go to her website and buy her 'All Fonts Lifetime Licence.' Her lifetime liscene is $249, but it is $249 well spent. You definitely will not regret it. She has so many fonts. I do not think that there is one I do not like. I am currently obsessed with KG Miss Kindergarten, KG Lego House, KG Be Still and Know, and KG Skinny Latte. Here is her font catalog so you can see what she has. 

1) Pink Cat Studio (TPT Store) - Pink Cat Studio produces some really cute clipart. Her stuff does not cover as many themes and occasions as the ones to follow, but the stuff she does make is AMAZING! My favorite things from her come from her ELA clipart. 
2) Creative Clips (TPT Store) - Krista Wallden is kind of a one stop shop. She has clipart, digital papers, borders, and fonts. has all kinds of fun clipart. If you have not heard of her name, I am betting that you have at least seen her stuff somewhere on some product floating around the internet. Her stuff is EVERYWHERE and you can see why. Her clipart is full of bold colors that stand out. All of her products are fun and wildly engaging.
3) Whimsy Clips (TPT Store) - Laura Strickland is incredibly talented. Her clipart is just precious. Lots of colors and cute little faces with squeezable cheeks. Her products definitely do not disappoint! Her kid clipart is currently my favorite overall. In my opinion, her stuff is the most realistic of the bunch and there is something I really like about that. Those sweet faces get me every time, but honestly everything she does is so good. 
4) Whimsy Workshop Teaching (TPT Store) - She has an extensive list of clipart with something that will fit exactly what you are looking for. I particularly love her animals. They are precious and she has SO many of them. 
5) Graphics From the Pond (TPT Store) - Graphics from the Pond is also a one stop shop. She has clipart, digital papers, borders, and fonts. Everything is in bright, fun colors. There is something kind of magical about her clipart. No doubt, kids will love it. 

Which clipart and fonts do you enjoy using? 


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