Snow in Texas

Texas weather has been a little crazy this winter. It was really cold early November and stayed fairly warm up until this last week. We have had freezing rain twice, snow twice, and cold temperatures everyday over the past five days. The snow stuck with this last cell that moved through on Friday so we have had some fun with the snow. Molly had a good time until she noticed the snow was all over Elf and her boots. 
We read some fun books about snow. Below are some of my favorites that we had. My daughter's favorite is Tacky the Penguin. She thinks that he is silly and spends the majority of the book laughing at him and all of his crazy antics. You also have her attention with anything that involves a snowman, but she usually will only want to read the pages that she can see the snowman...

Snowflake Painting

I wanted a simple winter craft that we could do yesterday while it was snowing so we decided to do a snowflake painting. From my perspective I do not know how successful this really turned out (the final product did not look like what I had envisioned), BUT if you ask Molly what she thought of the activity, she would tell you that it was fun. To get started I grabbed blue paint, paper for painting, a paint brush, a white crayon, and some sort of container to hold the paint (I used a cleaned out plastic fruit cup). 
1) I colored snowflakes on the paper with the white crayon. {The first time I tested it out I used a white pencil, but that did not work at all. Then I tried using a white crayon. It worked, but still was a little difficult to see. So I tried to make thick, bold lines when drawing the snowflakes and that worked best.}
2) I mixed washable paint with a splash of water. 
3) Give your kiddo a paintbrush and let them discover the snowflakes that are hiding!
Molly had the hang of it by the end of the activity. She knew that there were hidden snowflakes on the paper and she was trying to paint most of the page as opposed to just small lines of paint like at the beginning. Here is her finished masterpiece. 

Paint the Snow

I was really excited about this one. Molly loves painting and is not so sure about the snow so I thought maybe if we painted the snow she would be a little more fond of it. I used a mini muffin tray and filled each section with a different colored paint. I really like this Crayola Fingerpaint because it is washable and will come off everything. {Trust me, I know} 
Molly had a blast with this. She thought it was SO cool that she was painting the snow, but she still was not a huge fan of the actual snow itself. She would only paint from the sidewalk, but, hey, she still had a great time and at the end of the day that is all that really matters. 

Snow Ice Cream

We ended our fun morning of winter activities by making some snow ice cream. I looked at so many different recipes trying to find one that would work. My daughter has a milk protein intolerance so she cannot eat anything that has milk in. I ended up combining a few and came up with this.
This was fun because Molly could be a part of every single step. The finished product was legit and it was kind of cool eating it knowing that it was from snow from outside. Molly thought it was yummy too. She quickly finished off her bowl. 
I hope you enjoyed reading about the fun snow activities that we have been doing. 


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