Blends: Activities and Centers Unit

I completed a Digraph: Activities and Centers Unit about a week ago and wanted to share the follow up for it, my Blends Unit. I kind of love these two products. I am sure part of the reason is because of the Pink Cat Studio clipart. It is precious and makes me happy to look at. But I also love these two products because they provide some great visuals and really fun manipulatives to help teach the topics. This picture provides a quick glance at all of the products that you will receive. 
Here is a video that I put together that shows you all of the items included in this unit individually. 

I tried bundling the blends into one unit like I did with my digraph one, but the file was too big for TPT; therefore, it is separated into three separate products. You can find them here:
S Blends
L Blends
R Blends

I will be starting a Diphthongs Unit in the next week so be watching out for that. 

Happy Blending,

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