Five for Friday

Time is flying by. How is it mid March already? I feel like Christmas was just yesterday. People always said time would go by so much faster once you have kids and boy is that statement true. Since we have gone from one to two kiddos, I feel like it is moving even quicker. Sometimes I feel like it is hard to stop and smell the roses, when everything is happening so fast. I definitely need to slow down and enjoy the precious moments that happen throughout the day, every single day.
It was daylight savings time, Spring Break, and the husband was gone for six nights straight all rolled into one week and we survived {WOOHOO!!} The girls and I stayed home as much as we could to avoid the craziness at all of our normal hangouts. Lazy days are sometimes so needed and so magical. We only got out of our PJs one day and that was to go to swim class. After a week of lazy days; however, I am looking forward to getting back into a routine come Monday. Routines are nice and I always do much better with a schedule of some sort.
Molly and I have been busy doing all things Easter in our house for my upcoming Easter Activities post for the blog. There are just so many fun things to do for Easter and spring, and I am just in love with all the bright, cheerful colors. I am debating on publishing it this weekend or waiting until after St. Patrick’s Day. What do you think I should do?
One of my best friends and I try to watch The Bachelor together. That show is so much more fun when you watch it with friends as opposed to by yourself. She was out of town for the finale on Monday  so it took every ounce of self control that I have to not turn it on. We ended up watching it Tuesday night upon her return. {She brought me kolaches from my favorite place in West, Texas, so it more than made up for her being out of town on the finale!!!}  It wasn’t the most exciting finale ever, but it was enjoyable. I am more interested to see how this new Bachelorette show is going to work out. Britt really bothers me, so I am hoping the boys and the producers of the show have enough sense to have Kaitlyn become the number one girl. I do not think I can deal with an entire season of Britt by herself.
After having a week of crazy weather it looks like spring has finally arrived. {Praise Jesus!} Sometimes in Texas we skip spring and go right on to summer. I sure hope we get several weeks of beautiful weather before we are stuck inside because of the heat. Ha! The last three days have been absolutely gorgeous. We have spent our afternoons at the park, playing with chalk and bubbles, or riding our new bike. My husband and some of his friends are putting together a swing set for our girls this weekend {it was supposed to happen two weekends ago, but our backyard was covered in snow and the high was thirty degrees – so it didn’t happen}. I am pretty excited to be able to have that in our backyard to play with whenever we would like. It will be so great for Molly and I to be able to go outside and swing or slide while Charlotte is taking a nap. 
I participated in my first ever blog hop. Laura at year2tastic reached 500 followers on Instagram and is having a Scavenger Hunt Blog Hop to celebrate! You should look at my previous blog post to join in on this little adventure and a chance to win a $20 TPT voucher plus ‘winners choice’.
Happy Friday, friends!


  1. Hi Jennifer!
    I'm a teacher turned stay at home momma too. I've seen that you're friends with my friend Sara and have been meaning to find you. Glad to find you on a Five for Friday! I see your daughter has a balance bike too. My son had a balance bike since he was 2 and just last week transitioned to a bigger bike without ever needing training wheels! He just turned 4. Hope your swing set gets put together this weekend. That will be so nice! We have a fenced in backyard for the first time since having kids and I just love being able to send them out into the yard to play and being able to hang out there with them. Glad to meet you and look forward to connecting with you more! Can't wait to see all your Easter ideas! Did you see the footprint carrots on instagram this week? If not, let me know. I'll send you a pic.
    Joya :)

    1. HI Joya! It is so nice to *meet* you. Yes, Sara and I have become good instagram/blogging buddies. Hopefully we will meet this summer at TPT Conference. Are you planning on going? I think we might try and get a group of teachers turned stay at home moms together for lunch. We are hoping to be able to transition Molly straight from a balance bike to a regular bike. I have heard great things about it and I am so glad to hear another success story! She is getting better with it every time we go out on it; still very cautious though. I bet that is so nice to have your fenced in yard for the first time! It is comforting to know that you do not have to watch them AS closely when they are in the backyard. We did the carrot foot prints too. They were so cute. :) Look forward to getting to know you better through Instagram and blogging!!!

  2. Your girls are just adorable Jennifer! I am a huge Bachelor fan myself and agree with you completely about the Bachelorette! I hope that the men and producers realize that everyone wants to watch Kaitlyn find love and not Britt. I really don't understand how they came up with this idea in the first place! I hope you have a great weekend!

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