Sticky Rabbit Fine Motor & Sensory Activity

I am continuing on with my random Easter crafts and activities for at home or in the classroom. Today I am showing you a sticky rabbit fine motor and sensory activity. It is very easy to get ready and provides hours of entertainment for your kiddos. It is also great because kids of all ages can participate! 

What you need:
1) contact paper 2) tape 3) white & pink construction paper, torn up 4) random craft decorations 5) permanent marker

1) Draw a rabbit onto the contact paper. I printed off clipart that I purchased and used it to trace the rabbit. You can also freehand it or search online for rabbit clipart. There will be A TON of rabbit clipart available. 
2) Tape the contact paper, sticky side out, onto a window.
3) Set the torn up pieces of construction paper out. {and any other random craft stuff you have around the house}
4) Let your kiddo(s) play with the contact paper and decorate the rabbit.

Molly LOVED this activity. She played with it for a good amount of time initially and then she has randomly gone back to it throughout the day whenever she feels like it. We have had it up for a week now and she still enjoys playing with it. I thought considering it was our first time to play with contact paper, it was a success. It will be fun to watch how she evolves with this particular activity as she gets older because she will be able to do so much more as time goes on.

Tomorrow I will post an Easter painting activity that you can do!
Have a great day, 

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