Easter Handrint and Footprint Keepsake

If you cannot tell already, I will be doing a handprints (and/or footprints) for every single holiday. I am a big fan. They are great keepsakes and I find it so amazing to be able to see how much my sweet kiddos grow in between each holiday and year. 

Rabbit Handprint

I found these precious rabbit handprints on Pinterest and thought that they would be so fun to make. Molly loves rabbits {she calls rabbits 'hippity hoppity'} so I thought she would be pretty amazed that we could make one from her hand print.
What you need?
1) pink construction paper 2) white paint 3) pink paint 4) google eyes 5) paint brush 6) marker 7) glue
1) Set out the pink paper that you will be using.
2) Liberally paint one hand with white paint. You will not paint the thumb, just the fingers and palm of the hand.
3) Firmly press painted hand onto paper {you will want to spread apart the fingers in groups of two, making a 'V' shape - look at finished picture above to see what I mean}
4) Let this dry. {I waited a half hour or so}
5) Glue the google eyes onto the hand print.
6) Using pink paint, paint a small line for each ear and a dot for the nose. {look at picture above}
7) Using the black marker, draw whiskers and a mouth. {look at picture above}

The finished product for this is absolutely precious. I love it so much. It was a little difficult trying to get the hand print done just right, but it worked out in the end. I made one for Charlotte too and that was a bit of a nightmare trying to accomplish the hand print, but at least we have a cute keepsake.  Ha! She may or may not have screamed with disapproval as to what I was doing to her the entire time. {whoops!}

Carrot Foot Print

These carrot footprints were another find on Pinterest and thought that they were adorable and had to make them. It was a pretty simple craft and they turned out so cute. 
What you need?
1) paint paper 2) scissors 3) paint 4) green foam paper or green construction paper 5) paint brush
1) Set out the white paper that you will be using.
2) Liberally paint the bottom of one foot with orange paint. 
3) Firmly press painted foot onto white paper.
4) Let this dry. {I waited a half hour or so}
5) While the footprint dries, you can cut the foam paper into strips. I cut mine quite thin and about two inches long. You can make yours as big or little as you would like.
6) Once dry, cut the white paper around the footprint.
7) Glue the green foam paper to the foot. I turned the footprint upside down and did a generous line of glue at the top of the footprint. I then placed the sticks of foam paper onto the footprint. I then let that dry for several hours. 
I made one for Molly and Charlotte. Molly thought that it was pretty cool that we were painting her foot. Charlotte was less than impressed. At least we have a cute craft to remember how tiny they are and compare over the years. 
That is all for today. I will be posting another fun Easter craft/activity that you can do at home or at school soon. 

Happy printing!

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