Five for Friday

I have linked up with the fabulous Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for another Five for Friday. Last week was crazy and I did not get to link up, which made me so sad because this has become a great blogging habit for me. 

 I have been updating (scratch redoing) items like crazy the past couple of weeks. I started with my best seller and I am slowly working my way down. Pretty much any extra time has been spent doing that. Here are some of the products that I have updated lately. You can click on the pictures to see more of the product at my store page.

 I submitted my application to have my store name trademarked this week. I am pretty excited about it. Since this is something that I envision doing long term, I wanted to make it finalized before someone else might have taken it. I used If you are ever interested in doing it please let me know and I can send you the coupon that I used. It should take up to three months so hopefully I will hear something in the not so distant future.

 Today is the deadline to RSVP for the DFW Mini Meet-Up on May 30, 2015. It is tentatively scheduled to be hosted at Mia Dia in Grapevine, but due to the overwhelming response that will be changing to a different Grapevine restaurant that can accommodate this size without charging an arm and a leg. We have some great giveaways planned and I cannot wait to meet everyone. If you have not RSVPd click {here} to do so before the end of the night.

I finished the Whole 30 this week and I am beyond proud to have accomplished it. I decided to do the Whole 30 because I have an autoimmune disease and doctors have been telling me for years that I would feel SO much better if I would just be gluten free. I told them they were crazy and that there was no way that was even possible. I have bought several gluten free and Paleo cookbooks over the last year or two and have really enjoyed the food, but also would really enjoy pizza and bread from time to time too. I thought if I did Whole 30, it would give me a decent amount of time to commit (it seemed doable having a fixed time frame) and see if it made a significant difference and it did. I feel so much better. I think that I might do one more round before TpT Vegas and then I envision continuing eating closely to Whole 30 indefinitely. I will eat rice, but try and be gluten free. I will not be 100%, because sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. My plan is to allow a ‘cheat meal’ every week. I know that sometimes it will be more, but I think it is healthy to put at least one meal a week in there to enjoy anything I feel like. To celebrate being done I enjoyed a large glass of wine and sushi. 

I emailed Oriental Trading a few weeks ago about being a part of their blogger program. They give $75 worth of products to people that will blog about the items. I decided that I was going to set up a tot school in our upstairs playroom and what better way to get that started than with the help of all of Oriental Trading’s amazing education products. I will probably not have it all complete for another month or so, but I am so excited about it that I had to share now. 

That is all I have for this week. Head back over to Kacey's page to check out what all the other amazing bloggers have been up to this week. I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Your meet up sounds like so much fun! Wish there was one around here! And trademarking your store sounds cool and a little scary!

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    Your products look great! I have that as a goal for myself this summer! Congrats on finishing the Whole 30! That's a great accomplishment! I had no idea that Oriental Trading did that, I will have to check that out, thanks for the tip! Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    While I won't be at the DFW meet-up I am so excited to meet you at the WAHM one in Vegas! What a great idea to email Oriental Trading. I might look into that since I teach the toddler/preschooler story hour every week and blog about it already. I'm all for free supplies, and fun ones at that! Congrats on finishing the whole 30. I'm getting ready to do another 24 day challenge so I will also be re-focusing my eating habits. Happy Saturday!
    Joya :)

  4. Congratulations on completing the Whole 30! What an awesome accomplishment. Your updated products look adorable, I love the Whimsy Clips kids that you used. They're a favorite of mine! I had no idea that Oriental Trading did that, I'm always so nervous to reach out to companies for products and reviews but I know that I shouldn't be. Your tot room sounds adorable and I can't wait to see how it turns out! Enjoy this weekend with your beautiful family.

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